What are you Eating?

What contributes to a healthy and balance diet. A balance diet provides you with all the nutrients to support growth energy and health. The two keys to a healthy diet are the right amount of food for how active you are and the correct range of food you would have . To achieve a good diet you must have to obtain the 4 groups of food of chains. Those are dairy products,fruits , pulses and sugars and fats. So let’s get in the more interesting part.
In what proportion should you consumed this food group. Vegetables and dairy products actually contribute 27% of your body diet. In this portion we recommend Tomato based sauces , lots of greens and high in fiber food.

It is also to eat Yogurt doesn’t have fats and sugar contents.
Food Pulses are best bet in weight loss with neglieble fat content. This is field with many vitamins, nutrients and fiber ?this very affected to weight ?loss.
It is also necessary to chunk up fruits in the body . When choosing fruits you should choose those who are high in fiber. It is recommended to eat a lot of oranges and apples that help in body digestion of food. It is also necessary to understand that the natural sugar is better than artificial one. These natural sugar are found in these fruits.

Finally, a minimal fat content is also essential in the body like clarified oil and butter. Tell us what are you eating?