How to wake up in a good mood

Before you go to bed. It’s nice to pick up the clothes and outfit you are to use for tomorrow so that even if you wake up in the morning you won’t get busy thinking what to wear. Secondly, you can think of something you’re looking forward for tomorrow before you’re going to sleep so you’ll have something to look forward the next day.

Third, clear your mind before you go to sleep. Everyone is subject to negativity of all sorts so how do we take away the negativeness take them and clear them all away so that you can wake up better in the morning.
Set alarm clock and wake up in the same time everyday. Don’t rely on someone to wake you up in the morning. It is better to rely on yourself and make your body used to by same body routine by waking up same time everyday.

In the morning wake up on the given and correct time. Rushing causes unnecessary stress . And take a little minutes to get into a working groove. ( I recommend you take pray and ask for God’s guidance )

Like this when waking up in the morning your mindset is also very important. Telling your self that you are in a good mood changes the fact the you yourself impose to have a good mood.

As they said mental power is the strongest weapon of mankind (prime examples are athletes who conquered their sports )